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3 Intelligent Bots for Increasing Employee Engagement in 2019​ [Watch Webinar]

Watch our on-demand webinar,
"3 Intelligent Bots for Increasing Employee Engagement in 2019​",
and discover:

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The biggest time wasters that inhibit employee productivity

3 intelligent bots that instantly increase employee engagement

People who’ve achieved success using bots to drive value


3 Intelligent Bots for Increasing Employee Engagement in 2019 [Video]

Introducing your Intelligent Intranet Gurus:







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So - What was this webinar actually all about?


Bringing your intranet out of the stone age and unleashing the power of intelligent bots on your digital workforce.

Why is it worth watching?

Join us as we sit down with Dominic Daughtrey, Sundt AI Business Bots Manager, Stephen Costigan, Cloudscale Intelligent Intranet Designer & Lorena Loeffelholz, Cloudscale Client Solutions Manager, and learn about the CloudScale intelligent intranet transformation Dominic spearheaded at SUNDT Construction and the powerful impact it had on engaging their entire workforce. 

But first - Let's introduce you to CloudScale Intelligent Intranet Solutions:

Over the past four and a half years CloudScale has created innovative, AI-based solutions, that have been adopted by over a million employees in 200 countries.

CloudScale solutions drive employee engagement and business impact. 


"It's one thing to try to solve a business problem with software, and its another thing entirely, to have that software adopted."  Stephen Costigan


CloudScale understands how AI drives engagement and has consistently delivered 97% + adoption rates of the AI solutions deployed globally


At the core of their success is innovative AI,  the secret ingredient driving digital transformation with their customers today.


CloudScale works with organizations of all shapes, sizes, and business verticals, but all of them share a common problem: These organizations are highly organized and efficient, but their teams lack access to critical information and resources, which slows progress and wastes time.


Sound familiar?

Common Challenges CloudScale Customers face:

If you watched (or plan on watching) this webinar, you probably share the same challenges that many CloudScale customers face:

  • Difficulties engaging employees
  • Failing to drive the right information & tools to employee's fingertips
  • Employees  wasting time (and therefore money) looking for resources & answers
  • Disconnected tools & processes
  • Issues preventing valuable communication & collaboration

The way today's workforce has been trained to communicate, collaborate, and find information in the workplace is OUTDATED. It’s SLOW. And it’s INEFFECTIVE.

It needs to change. 


CloudScale Intelligent Intranets Bots for Business


Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%! (Gallup)

Due to an increasingly distributed workforce, the way businesses share information is changing.

Our multi-generational workforce wants quick answers... and AI tools, like bots, can deliver information to them in real-time.

If you’re like most people, you understand happy employees = happy customers and more profit, but you’ve been given the challenging task of figuring out how to achieve this in your organization.


We’re here to tell you: 



But, to do so, we need to loop back around and pick up where we left off with SUNDT.


SUNDT before CloudScale:

CloudScale Intelligent Intranet Solutions Before

As you can see, SUNDT was making an effort to engage their employees. But, their approach needed refocusing. 

And that is where CloudScale came to the table and turned things around.

SUNDT after CloudScale:

CloudScale Intelligent Intranets and solutions



Why is SUNDT's Intelligent Intranet transformation so important?  

  • It significantly increased employee productivity & engagement
  • It was essential for building an effective & efficient communication strategy
  • It empowered team collaboration with an EASY & AFFORDABLE system
  • It was implemented in only 8 WEEKS!

What is next for SUNDT and CloudScale?

There are many exciting things on the horizon for SUNDT, but the three things that really get our motors running, are the AI bots being built in conjunction with CloudScale and their affiliate LiveTiles. 

  • The Continuous Improvement BOT
  • The Safety BOT, &
  • The Quality BOT

The Sundt/CloudScale/LiveTiles bot focuses on specific pain points within the organization where our highly skilled employees are spending too much time doing work that is considered ‘non-value added’.

All 3 of these BOTs are extremely intelligent and have very deliberate and specific abilities that have the potential to collectively save an amazing (and frankly disgusting) amount of time that was previously wasted. 

This will allow employees to focus their time on valuable work instead of slow, frustrating, and non-value-added work.


Make sure you watch the webinar to see Dominic showcase these bots in action and discuss how working with CloudScale has impacted SUNDT as an entire workforce.

Some things that are just better in motion. Dominic showing off his bots is one, and Lorena demoing the People & Skills Search Bot, HR Virtual Assistant & Sales Enablement Bot is another (make sure you watch the video to see these three amazing bots at work).

Join Lorena as she showcases how to build an effective AI strategy... which leads us to the next major webinar takeaway on offer to you:

Intelligent Intranet CloudScale Demo Sample

5 Steps to More Engaged and Productive Employees: creating, developing & implementing an AI Bot Strategy

CloudScale Intelligent Intranet

  • Assess Your Digital Workplace & ROI
    What tools are bringing you the most benefit in terms of collaboration and productivity? How could they be utilized better?

  • Develop a Kick-Ass Collaboration Strategy
    Help them collaborate with a communications and engagement plan. Start gamifying their experiences to increase motivation.

    Your multi-generational wants instant communication across all channels. They want to find and share information at lightning speed.

  • Amp up Your Design
    Increase user engagement with dynamic, cleverly designed intranets that blow the socks off the old-school ones. Bring your brand back to life for your employees!

  • Make Your Existing Tools Intelligent
    This is where AI bots do their fancy footwork. Business bots take command of your employee’s basic tasks to provide seamless integration of services. No more wasted productivity.

  • Watch the Engagement Magic Happen!
    Getting employee buy-in for your intelligent intranet is the key to increased profits and better customer experiences

    Find an expert who can help motivate, excite and make your employees believers of your new and improved intranet. 


Are you ready to see how Intelligent Bots are your secret weapon to achieve: Clarity, Transformation, Engagement, & Productivity?


Schedule an interactive demo TODAY with CloudScale to see how an intelligent intranet will alter the way your employees connect, communicate and create.


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