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MEDIA RELEASE: CloudScale Refocuses Business on AI and Digital Agency Consulting

Bringing Design and Artificial Intelligence to the Core of Your Digital Workforce. 


WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA (JULY. 19, 2019) - CloudScale Corporation, known for delivering beautifully designed SharePoint intranets to top brands globally, today announced further investments in its intranet design business deepening its commitment to bringing digital agency-level design and UX services to its customers.  

The transformation and focus on intelligent intranet solutions are in direct response to the global rise of organization-wide collaboration and internal communications inefficiencies. Something CloudScale's AI-based intelligent intranet solutions resolve.

“CloudScale is evolving,” said Stephen Costigan, CloudScale Founder and CEO. “By driving innovation and expanding our AI capabilities of our intranet solutions, we are transforming our offerings to meet the growing demand for unified collaboration workspaces that deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time."

He continues, “No other intranet service provider delivers this much value. By empowering our clients to build bold solutions that inspire connection, collaboration and creation within their organization, we are elevating digital workplaces to new heights quickly and inexpensively.”

The Evolution of CloudScale’s Identity: Growth & Momentum

The new brand identity is the most recent move in CloudScale’s journey to laser focus its operations. By consolidating the experience, knowledge, and skill set of their team, they have amplified the intranet solutions they’re providing to clients.

From an elite digital transformation company - to spearheading the charge of intelligent intranet solutions, CloudScale is at the forefront of connected workplaces.

“The way companies connect and communicate is evolving - and we are a big part of that.” Costigan said. 

The Revamped website:
Celebrating the beauty of AI

The completely overhauled website has an intuitive design and features targeted messaging. With increased functionality and a redefined content delivery strategy, visitors quickly find the information they need to understand the power of an intelligent intranet. 

The new site is better built to demonstrate CloudScale’s full suite of features and resources to ensure the successful adoption and implementation of their intranet technology.

A true celebration of the beauty of AI, the new CloudScale Intelligent Intranet website showcases the power of communication and marks the evolution of employee engagement. 

Please visit cloudscalecorp.com to learn more about intelligent intranet solutions and explore the new website. 

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About CloudScale
CloudScale is an award-winning and globally recognized authority in Intelligent Intranet solutions. 

They have re-imagined intranets by utilizing AI-powered intelligent functionality while harnessing the potential of existing cloud investments. Their fully-integrated solutions help organizations transform their internal communications and connect people and resources across teams and departments like never before. 

CloudScale intelligent intranets empower connection, collaboration, and creation while strengthening organizational alignment and enhancing the overall employee experience.

CloudScale delivers tremendous value to customers at a lower cost than other service providers.



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CloudScale Team

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